Cost of Classes:

Our cost never vary when classes are guided or not so a 2 hours classes + Drawing appreciation is only £8.

To buy a ticket you have the choice to go to our home page calendar and click on your event, or go directly to, or if not on your laptop, by donating in advance, at least an hour before the class starts using our "Happy Donation" button on our home page top Right corner. Those who took a regular Life Drawing Plan obviously don't need to do anything but they can donate to help us do a better job by influencing our choice of Models while showing their appreciation.

Some classes cost less such as our happy Portrait sessions at £5.

What we don't sell tickets for are our Life models auditions as it would be unfair even if others have made a business out of it.

If you happen to receive the zoom link even if you haven't paid it simply means that we trust you'll go to our "Happy Donations" button and donate before the class starts or we won't be able to let you in. Once you've donated you can click on the zoom link we provided to go to your Live Life Drawing class about 5 mins before starting time.

Because most of our classes are recorded, you'll be able to enjoy a Live session and/or a all week of being able to Draw or Paint,from its recording, even if you could not make it but bought a ticket.  You'll receive this link after we had our time for Drawing appreciation about 30 mins after the original 2 hours of drawing.
If you subscribed to a £5/week Regular Life Drawing plan or another plans, all is included with more and more recordings to access to and loads of existing freebies as well as constant improvements and innovations.

If you are unemployed, on Low income, a NHS front line worker or from a less rich country, please give £5 if you can instead of £8 but let me know before the class with any proof if any possible.
Plans subscribers also love the fact that they can affect, influence their Art World and Network with Donations that Models or Art teachers deserve... 

We use Paypal for Donations and Stripe or Paypal for purchasing tickets & Memberships. We can use other fund transfer companies who deal with international transfer if needed and offer yearly discounts with a discount.
Those who prefer to take a Paypal recurring plan of £20/month instead of card or to replace card are welcome here: 

For any questions you can also text me on 07951613705 (always text first because of Spam)